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Corporate Wellness Programs

Pre and Post-Natal Exercise

Mums & Bubs classes held every

Tuesday and Thursday.


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As a mum, your body goes through a series of physiological transformations that are not replicated by any other situation. Managing this transformation through exercise is an excellent way to keep healthy before, during, and after your pregnancy. 


At Active Matters, our programs assist women to prevent or manage a range of issues while pregnant, including:

  • body fat retention;

  • gestational diabetes;

  • hypertensive disorders such as pre-eclampsia;

  • posture and back-ache;

and can even help to reduce unnecessary medical interventions during labour. 

Once your baby has arrived, Active Matters delivers programs to assist women with:

  • abdominal separation;

  • back-ache, hernias and pelvic girdle pain;

  • pelvic floor dysfunction; and

  • post natal depression.